Air Spading Services

Air spading is a unique technique used to investigate tree roots for various reasons.
Air spading involves using an “Air spade” tool to expose the trees roots in a manner that’s less harmful than conventional spading methods.

For tree roots to function correctly, they require continued moisture ingress and gaseous diffusion within the soil. This will be hindered when soil has been heavily compacted by either storage of heavy materials, vehicle use or possibly heavy pedestrian use. Soil compaction can therefore have a significant negative effect on trees.

An Airspade can be used for both soil decompaction and to physically dig trenches, but it will not damage even the fine, fibrous tree roots essential for water and nutrient uptake. This allows detailed root investigation surveys to be carried out which show the extent, location and condition of roots. This type of investigation may be recommended if the presence of a particular root disease is suspected or there is a need to excavate within a root protection area.

Tree Root Investigation


If you’re concerned about the health of a tree, the answer may lie in the roots. One of Air spading primary purposes is root investigation. When exposing the tree’s roots, we can investigate any damage or decay that poses a threat towards the tree. Fungal decay can attack roots and therefore can affect the trees stability.


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Soil De-Compaction

Water percolation and gaseous exchanges are vital for a plant to survive. Compact soil often occurs in urban areas and prevents these cycles from happening. We use the Air Spade to loosen up the soil around the roots of the tree. Mixing the loosened soil with a nutrient rich compost and filling the area back in, will improve the soil structure, nutrient levels and fertility.